ruby gill by max fairclough

after some decades spent listening to joni mitchell in a south african forest, ruby gill hummingbirded over the indian ocean to hum about violence, joy, privilege and border security to a tolerant melbourne population. almost immediately, her piercing lyrics, classically-trained piano-hands and disproportionately massive voice left audiences across the country shaken, transfixed and sometimes a bit hungry.

ruby's sometimes scary and always silencing stage presence has appeared on lineups and credits with Ben Ottewell (Gomez), Keegan Joyce, Jeremy Loops, Shortstraw, Shawn Phillips, Cat Power, Xavier Rudd, Josh Kempen and many more. 

ruby is in studio at the moment, making sounds out of silence.

Triple J say they're "stoked on this." which is real nice of them. they don't say much. 


all photos on this site were taken by Max Fairclough on his travels around the world taking portraits of creative human beings.