Ruby Gill may not cook like your mum, but she is leaving permanent potholes in the status quo left by the likes of Joni Mitchell, Glen Hansard and Regina Spektor with career-defining grit, overwhelming honesty and unique insight into the worlds of birds, border security and panic attacks.

Off the back of a sold-out tour of motherland South Africa, the songwriter unleashed gritty debut single "Your Mum" in November 2018 to hundreds of thousands of streams, playlists, radio rotation and rave global reviews from the likes of Triple J and The Wild Honey Pie in its first week.

With a debut album in the works, Ruby's immense voice, heavy Jaguar, heavier piano and scarily vulnerable stage presence have been appearing on festivals around the world, from Oppikoppi to Woodford.

In the words of Triple J’s Zan Rowe, “excuse me while I scrape myself off the floor.”


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